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Augment Yoga Academy

Teacher Training 2020


RYT200 Kanazawa 2020



RPYT85 Kanazawa 2020



Ri6-1, Minamishinbomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan

RYT200 Italy 2020


RYT300 Italy 2020




​Via Settala 1 Milan

 Mysore Class e Guidata Class















AM 6:30-9:00


AM 6:30-9:00 

-Prezzo Lezione Gruppo-

1 volta 16Euro

5 volta 70Euro

(senza prenotazione)


Via Alvise Cadamosto 5 bis Milano 

 (Porta Venezia)

-Lezioni Private-

​※Fino 28 Nob pieno

Chiuso 28 Nob-2 Feb 2020


Inizio 3 Feb


Augment Milano

Via Settala 1 Milano



•Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT500

​•Registered Yoga Pregnancy Teacher RYPT85

•Ayurveda Practitioner

Manduka japan Ambassador2016-

•Sponser AUMNIE JAPAN 2018- 

•TC colore therapist

​•Body therapist


Augment yoga academy 

Lezione Milano

​・Mysore class in Rama Yoga (Porta Venezia)

I was born in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture. I went to Tokyo for the purpose of going to the English literature university. And I studied abroad in Australia to study English. After graduation, I get a job at a certain telecommunications company. I worked as a manager and received the 1st and 3rd customer service awards. I gained confidence in my work. And I wanted to challenge apparel work, changed job to a certain apparel company. I will go to yoga with my friend's invitation. I was able to relieve fatigue and stiffness at work by moving the body and realize the change of the body within the continuation. Also, by focusing, time to face ourselves has increased. And I felt stronger that I wanted to deepen my knowledge of yoga. After that, retired from the company, I went to India for retreat of yoga.I was fascinated by yoga trained both physically and mentally. Then, I went to the USA and acquired the US Yoga Alliance. After that I studied yoga and Ayurveda in India. I moved to Italy and met Lino Miele. Currently based in Italy and working in Tokyo and Kanazawa in Japan. Currently I am still studying under Lino Miele.

石川県金沢市出身。英文科大学進学と共に東京へ。語学の勉強の為オーストラリアに留学。卒業後、某通信企業に就職。マネージャーとしての勤務をし、第一回、そして第三回接客アワード受賞。自分の仕事に自信が持てた。そしてアパレルの仕事に挑戦したいと思い、某アパレル会社に転職。友達の誘いでヨガに通い始める。身体を動かすことで仕事での疲れや身体の凝りが解消されたり、続けている内に身体の変化を実感することができた。また、集中することで自分と向き合える時間も増え、ヨガの知識を深めたいという気持ちが強くなる。アパレル会社を退職し、インドでのリトリートを受ける。肉体的にも精神的にも鍛えられるヨガに魅了され渡米し、全米ヨガアライアンスを取得。その後インドでヨガとアーユルヴェーダについて勉強を重ねる。イタリアに移住しリノミエールと出会う。2016年Augment yoga acaemyを立ち上げ、石川県金沢市、そしてイタリアでのティーチャートレーニングを開催。現在はイタリアを拠点とし日本でのワークショップも開催中。現在もリノミエールのもとで学びを続けている。

2019年よりShri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI)にて学びスタート。

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